Premiere of the movie film Brittany runs a marathon distributed by The Searchers in cooperation with Amazon Prime

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Famous actress. model, fashion designer and fit girl Fajah Lourens has been invited to be part of the kick off of the Brittany runs a marathon premiere  in the Pathe cinema. She is a inspirational influencer for a lot of women to help to get in shape again. Her audiences fit one-to-one with te target group of the movie.

On the night of the premiere the gave the visitors of the cinema a personal clinic. To all the other Pathe cinemas we organized an inspirational speech.


Also Marit Hollander, fit girl, took part of this promotion. Shea announced and  visited the movie and supported it bij stories and posts.


Attendees: 300

Social reach: 308.000

Engagement 6%

Views: 127.000

Stories & posts: 5

Media: video

Strategy: Give fitness and healthy influencer Faja Lourens a platform to personally explain the theme of the film in a motivational video for a wide audience.

Concept: Faja tells her personal story about how much energy it takes to pursue a healthy lifestyle and what challenges you have to overcome just like Brittany in the film.

Execution: Short movie starring Faja in which she explains her vision, her way to what she has achieved and what it yields. A real motivational video