After the lockdown Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet opens doors

How can you let your audiences know that you have organized your fashion outlet Corona proof?

During the lockdown month in The Netherlands Batavia Stad Fashion outlet has been figuring out how to make the outlet center corona proof. It was a big puzzle with all the new Corona regulations. And all the shops have to comply as well.

After two months of hard working and meeting with the shops owners Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet met the new standards of shopping. So this has to been shown to the public.

Together with the BSFO team we organized a video script for two influencers  to visit the center and show to their audiences that we have reached the point of coronaproof.

Two video’s have been shot and shown on the social channels of the influencers, the channels of BSFO and supported advertising on social channels like facebook and instagram. .

Announce Covid-19 safe opening

Create awareness among target groups

Stimulate traffic


  • Use video to show what COVID-19 measurements have been taken
  • Select influencers with audiences in the target group to get reach
  • Create personal and explanatory story telling to prove
  • Build reach through influencers and owned channels supported bij paid advertising
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