Short movie with personal experiences of women within a creative storytelling content

The Swedish founder of Swiss Clinic discovered that there was an enormous gap in the market between short-term skin care product and clinical treatments. They succeed in creating a product line that filled this gap; high standard clinical products that lead to real long-term skin improvements. 

Setting: Each influencer choses their own personal routine settings, but they will have to integrate the Swiss Skin renewal.

Activity: We pick people with creative routines.

Conversation: “@SwissclinicNL asked me to share my secret renewal routine

Content: Short-movie video (3-5 min), Insta-proof clips from the movie and stills (photos). All shared on Instagram and Facebook.

To create brand awareness in the Dutch market and drive traffic to the dutch online store and social media channels Swiss Clinic Netherlands wants to launch a creative content campaign that reaches their target audience and spreads their brand message.

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